Sterling 2019 - 44th Annual

Posted 20 Oct, 2018 01:35 PM by Todd

Welcome to the Sterling Invitational Tournament Web Site (now the Rodney Hale Sterling Memorial Tournament)

The tournament is scheduled February 16, 2019.
Deadline for registration is February 2, 2019.

Cost is $35 for experienced teams and $30 for novice teams.

Please mail registration fees to Sterling First Church of the Nazarene:

411 13th Ave. Sterling, IL 61018

Teams that are in need of housing provided through host homes will need to be registered and paid by the February 2nd deadline. We need adequate time to make housing arrangments so will not be taking late requests for housing. 

This year there will not be an onsite lunch so teams will need to plan on eating fast food local or bring lunch with to eat in the gym. There will be the traditional cookie factory and snacks available during the day. 

The material for the quiz will be John 1-18.

ONU Scholarships available for top 10 individuals and top 2 teams ($8,400 total; one individual could get $1,500 max):

Individuals                      Teams

1st    $1,000                     1st   $500 each member up to 5
2nd   $   750                     2nd  $250 each member up to 5
3rd    $   500
4th    $   500
5th    $   400
6th    $   400
7th    $   300
8th    $   300
9th    $   250
10th  $   250

This is one of the longest, if not the longest running tournament in the United States and Canada.

Join us for fun, a little different setup for the tournament and great competition!

Interested in learning to be a Disciple and what Discipleship is all about?  Click here for more info

Ryan Kuehl, Tournament Director

Todd Olson, Central Field Youth Quiz Director

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